Healthy Meal Plan Like a Boss and See Real Progress

Meal planning is key to keeping unhealthy food decisions at bay. After all, pizza never sounds better than when the fridge is empty and you have no dinner plans! With a bit of discipline and forward thinking, you can fight the temptation and power through with week after week of delicious, healthy meals.

Make Weekly Plans
Tackle your meal planning and grocery shopping in weekly chunks. This ensures you’re always working with fresh ingredients and makes those last minute mad dashes to the store a thing of the past.

Shop Sales and Think Seasonally
Keep your budget under control by taking advantage of local grocery store sales and coupons via email and plan your menu around them. You can sign up for our mailing list, below! Focus on recipes that call for in-season ingredients to make sure you don't overpay for produce.

Aim for Variety
Think ahead to what your plate will look like at each meal. Are there vegetables on each plate? Is there a variety of colors? Do you have a balance of macronutrients and vitamins?

Detailed Shopping List
Review each recipe in detail when writing up your shopping list. Stick to your list while you’re shopping and don’t allow yourself to purchase anything that’s not on it. You’re far less likely to eat unhealthy foods if they don’t end up in your pantry to begin with!

Recycle Your Plans
Even when you finish a week of meals, keep your menu and shopping lists on hand. They take time and effort to create, and while you may not want baked salmon in a weekly rotation, it will probably sound exciting again in a month or two. It won’t be long before you find yourself armed with an arsenal of shopping lists and healthy meal plans to reference and reuse.

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