Quit Sugar and You’ll Never Look Back

What substance contributes to weight gain, cancer, and heart disease, is as addictive as cocaine, and can be found in the majority of processed foods? The answer, of course, is sugar. For decades the general public believed that low-fat diets were the key to long-term health, but study after study has led us to realize that diets high in sugar are among the most toxic of all.

We’ve outlined a few practices you can implement to help you kick sugar to the curb once and for all.

Check the Label
While it’s easy to spot the most obvious sources of sugar like sodas and sweets, you might be surprised to realize where it’s been lurking. That vinaigrette you love on your lunchtime salads? You’d better check the label. Your favorite jar of marinara sauce? It’s probably more sugary than you think. Pay attention to nutritional labels, and visit Terra for healthier choices!

Curb Cravings
In the first few weeks, while your body adapts to functioning on higher quality nutrients, your urge to snack and give in to cravings will be at their peak. Keep healthy and filling snacks on hand like raw almonds and veggies in order to calm your snacking urges and drink fruit infused water to keep hydrated in between meals.

Eat Fresh
In addition to cutting sugar out, it’s critical that you fill your diet with fresh, healthy foods. Add protein to your meals in the form of eggs, nuts, and grass-fed meats. Incorporate healthy fats like avocado and fish, and balance your carb intake with non-starchy vegetables such as green beans, asparagus, and mushrooms.

While cutting it out gradually is a step in the right direction, we recommend quitting sugar cold turkey in order to ensure truly effective change. Our free webinar guides you through the damaging impact of sugar and how our Terra Power Reset Cleanse can help you change your habits and embrace long-term wellness. Watch now, and start living smarter today!

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