A Case for Microbiome Attention: Glowing Skin and Cancer Prevention

What is the microbiome?
If you’ve walked into a grocery store or read any health and wellness headlines lately, you’ve run into the word “microbiome.”

In simple terms, your microbiome is the bacteria in your gut lining that promotes homeostasis by balancing your immune system and endocrine system.

Why is it important?
Over the last two decades, more research is revealing that if the immune system is not functioning properly, it can lead to the development of autoimmune, metabolic, and neuropsychological disorders, cardiovascular diseases, and certain types of cancer.

This is because the immune system is your body’s defense mechanism against the root causes of these diseases: inflammation, often caused by lifestyle and diet factors.

How to nourish your microbiome.
While the connection between poor microbiome health and serious disease is alarming, the good news is that healing and supporting healthy gut bacteria is something you can start today.

Lifestyle variables like lack of exercise, high stress levels, and poor diet have been directly linked to bad gut health and the resulting diseases.

  1. Exercise: Healthy movement is important for balanced energy levels and diverse microbial populations. A recent study revealed that professional athletes with a consistent active routine and healthy diet had increased diversity in their gut bacteria populations. It's time to schedule exercise into your week as a non-negotiable priority.
  2. Stress Management: A stressed out nervous system impacts the gut-brain axis, lowering numbers of the beneficial bacteria Lactobacillus, which can manifest symptoms like IBS, acne, and bloat. The gut-brain axis is the intersection of the hormonal and neuronal pathways, which means it also impacts brain activity, mood, and is also associated with autism spectrum disorder in extreme cases. Prioritizing sleep and relaxation doesn't seem so impossible, now does it?
  3. Diet: Rebuilding your gut lining does not happen overnight, but with a diet rich in prebiotic and probiotic foods, healthy fats, carbohydrates, fermented vegetables, and quality proteins, you will start to see and feel progress. Adopting an elimination diet for the period of healing is important. Avoid sugar, gluten, alcohol, dairy, and caffeine to give your body the space it needs to repair. Not only does healing your gut improve your nutrient absorption, it can also decrease food sensitivities and allergies.

Not sure where to start? Our Terra Power Reset Cleanse is a great first step towards healing your gut and improving your microbiome, and even includes recipes and Terra-Approved shopping list!

Nourish your gut’s microbiome and feel good knowing you’re investing in one of the most foundational parts of your well-being. Not to mention, you’ll be enjoying the glowing skin, clear mind, and bloat-free life that a healthy, happy gut brings.

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