Adopt a Sustainable Lifestyle and Diet With Our Top Tips

Living a sustainable lifestyle can seem overwhelming when you first start to learn how to lessen your impact on the environment. To help you embrace this lifestyle, let us share our favorite, easy-to-adopt guidelines for beginners!

“Sustainability” is the buzzword of the moment, but we challenge you to put it into action!

As one person, making these small changes may seem insignificant, but don’t let that notion stop you. Remember, small, consistent changes lead to big transformations over time, and your example might inspire someone to follow in your footsteps!


    1. Cut down your emissions by spending more time outdoors, riding your bike to work, walking, or ride sharing.
    2. Choose appliances that conserve energy consciously.
    3. Buy clothing, home goods, and furniture used. Thrifting might become your new favorite pastime!
    4. Take advantage of natural sunlight in your home, and turn your lights off when you leave the room.


    1. When you eat out, support restaurants that source their ingredients locally. And, just in case you haven’t seen the news lately, don’t accept plastic straws if you don’t need them 🙂
    2. Shop at farmers markets to support your local farmers. It’s also better for you nutritionally!
    3. Take advantage of the No Waste App to reduce overbuying groceries or wasting food.
    4. Bring your own reusable storage containers and bags when you go grocery shopping and buy in bulk to reduce your waste.


    1. Turn off your electronics when you don’t need them.
    2. Read the news online and buy used books.
    3. Recycle.
    4. Plant a tree!

At Terra, we believe in living, eating, and doing life with a sustainable, healthy intention for well-rounded wellness. We handpick and source every item in the store with your health and happiness in mind!

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