10 Terra Health Tips to Help You Age Better

It’s as inevitable as death and taxes. We’re all getting older. It’s simply one of those inescapable processes that occurs gradually over time. As we mature, our cellular structure and processes gradually wear away and weaken, changing the way we appear on the outside and the way we feel on the inside. And our society is growing older than ever before. Since 1900, the average life expectancy in America has more than doubled thanks to better public health, sanitation and food supply. Moreover, a recent study of longevity in a group of Italians indicates humans as a species have yet to reach the upper bound of human longevity.

So buckle up, it looks as though we’re going to be in this getting older thing for quite some time. Here are a few tips to living better, longer.

  1. Get your Zzzz's. Every organ and system in our bodies benefits greatly from regular, restorative sleep and rest. Studies show a regular dose of 7-9 hours a night is required.
  2. Take time to chill out. In recent years, studies have shown that regular periods of meditation can be incredibly revitalizing and restorative, not only for the longevity of the body, but also the mind. So unplug and unwind for a short time every day.
  3. Stay hydrated. Every cell, tissue and organ in the body requires water to function at optimal levels. Without it, the body gradually breaks down. Prevailing wisdom is to drink half your body weight in ounces of water daily. Try to drink water that is filtered or spring water that is free of chlorine, fluoride and aluminum, all of which contain harmful neurotoxins.
  4. Keep moving. Regular exercise is a key to health and longevity. It stimulates lymphatic drainage, tones muscles, eases stress, stimulates internal organs, relieves depression, promotes sleep, reduces cholesterol, and facilitates clear thinking. Sounds like a formula for longevity, doesn’t it?
  5. Make yourself think. Stimulating the brain by working on puzzles, reading and learning new things will keep the brain active and strengthen neural pathways. Exercises such as using your non-dominant hand to handle such chores as brushing your teeth also can be helpful.
  6. Let go of stress. Keeping stress to a minimum keeps levels of cortisol in the body at manageable levels so that skin stays healthy and reduces harmful inflammation, and intestinal health is maintained.
  7. Disconnect before bedtime. Blue light emitted from computers and smartphones disrupts circadian rhythms, which has a negative impact on sleep. It’s a good habit to switch off all screens at least one hour before bedtime.
  8. Connect socially... in real life. It’s been proven that strong social connection is beneficial to the aging process and promotes longevity. Plan daily and weekly activities with friends and family members. Take classes. Make efforts to meet new people.
  9. Eat well. You don't have to dive headlong into every health fad to be healthy. Consuming fresh, local produce, nutrient-dense foods, and lean, sustainable protein is a sure way to set yourself up for long-term health success.
  10. Shop at Terra! At Terra, we sell a variety of superfoods and other anti-aging foods which promote healthy endocrine system function as well as healthy gut behavior. If you’re wanting to improve the quality of your aging process, consult one of our staff for their recommendations and insight into which food items would be right for you.

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