Why Raw Honey Should Be On Your Toast and Your Face

Honey has been used since ancient times for its delicious taste and healing, medicinal properties. Today, it is common to be drizzled in your tea or over your toast as a sweetener, but its power goes beyond an all-natural sugar rush.

Honey can easily be added to your daily routine in healing ways, but it’s important to be selective about the type and quality of honey you use. While those little bear jars are cute, that honey is often overly processed.

Instead, choose raw honey that is preferably local or organic, or manuka honey. These types of honey are recognized for their antibacterial, antioxidant-rich, and anti-inflammatory benefits when taken internally and applied topically. Fun fact: There’s even a branch of alternative medicine dedicated solely to honey, called apitherapy, that creates treatments from honey and other bee products for bacterial infections and various diseases.

So, how can you start basking in raw honey’s superpowers? Here are our top three ways we like to enjoy honey at Terra.

  1. Topically for glowing skin! Raw honey’s powerful antibacterial activity creates the ideal wound healing environment for the growth of new tissue and protecting against antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Physicians have seen success with honey on everything from wounds, burns, ulcers, and infections. Honey’s low PH range of 3-4.5 is credited for keeping bacteria out of the infection, and its high level of polyphenols promotes antioxidants that protect the skin from free radical damage. This makes manuka honey a vitamin-rich switch for your facial cleanser that calms acne and leaves your skin balanced and nourished.
  2. Internally, for healing inflammation and boosting immunity. Honey’s high levels of polyphenols have been credited for treating cancer, cardiovascular disease, and inhibiting tumor growth. This reduction of inflammation due to the phenolic compounds defends the body and keeps your inflammation at bay. Take a proactive approach and add raw, local honey or organic honey to your favorite teas and elixirs, toasts, and snacks.
  3. As a sweet treat! Honey is a wonderful healing substitute for processed sugars in baked goods like your favorite cookies, granola, and pumpkin bread recipes, or tasty treats like caramels.

At Terra, we carry a wide range of raw honey, from local and organic brands to manuka honey. Share your health and wellness goals with our staff, and they will be happy to help you select the honey that is best for you!

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