Brain Food: A New Frame of Mind for Your Diet

We often focus on how food impacts our bodies, but it also has a serious impact on our brain health. In order to help you make the healthiest choices possible, we are investigating brain healthy foods and lifestyle practices so you and your brain can be at their best.

Limit Sugar
It probably won’t come as any surprise that consuming a lot of sugar can have some serious repercussions for your health, but it also turns out to be pretty terrible brain food. Besides raising blood sugar levels, which can damage the proteins in your blood vessels, it’s possible that elevated insulin levels caused by sugar consumption is a factor in up to 40 percent of Alzheimer’s cases. If you’re curious about other ways in which quitting sugar can lead to a healthier life, check out our recent blog, “Quit Sugar and You’ll Never Look Back”!

For a whole body wellness approach, reach for foods rich in probiotics. Digestive health has been shown to help decrease brain cell inflammation and more experts are pointing to probiotics as a recommended dietary change for those suffering from neurological issues. In fact, the gut is often called the “second brain” as bacteria in the gut communicate with neurons in your brain to inform everything from your mood to your immune-system response.

Include Healthy Fats
Healthy oils like olive, coconut, as well as those found in nuts, seeds, seafood, and meats, are great additions to a brain-healthy diet. Olive oil, in particular, has anti-inflammatory properties that encourage autophagy, your body’s house-cleaning mechanism, which is critical to brain health.

More than ever before, companies are focusing on producing carefully tailored supplements dedicated to improving brain health. By combining a variety of vitamins, amino acids, “hormonal mood boosters” like phenylethylamine, and neuron-building omega 3s, the most effective brain-boosting foods available today may just come in a box. Pick up supplements like Healthforce CircuForce, Bioage Biosuperfood, and Garden of Life Memory & Focus to help keep your brain at its best, and ask our friendly staff for their favorite recommendations!

Mood-boosting activities like meditation, exercise, and breath work, all help rewire the way your brain responds to stress. Stress causes inflammation which negatively impacts cognition and mental health, meaning your memory and mood will continue to suffer until you learn how to control your mental state.

Inspired to eat better for your brain? Check out our picks for the best superfoods you can buy on a budget before your next grocery shopping trip!

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