Fuel Your Morning With These Healthy Breakfast Recipes

We know you’re busy, and while taking time to enjoy a leisurely breakfast before starting your day sounds like a dream, we understand it’s more likely that you'll be jetting out the door on an empty stomach. Guess how many healthy decisions are made when suffering from mid-morning hunger pangs? If you said not many, you’re right!

So to help you out, we’ve compiled a few quick breakfast ideas that will help you begin each day ready to power forward. These recipes can be prepared a day or two in advance or quickly prepped on your way out the door. Plus, they’re all portable!

For the morning of...

Avocado Toast
1 slice whole-grain bread
½ avocado, mashed
pinch of salt
One clove garlic

Toast bread until golden. Cut garlic clove in half and rub onto top of the toast. Mash avocado and add pinch of salt and mix. Top toast with avocado and enjoy!

Green Smoothie
1 cup unsweetened almond milk
1 cup Greek yogurt
Juice from 1 lime
2 Tbsp. chia seeds, pre-soaked
1 banana, frozen
3 cups baby spinach
6 large ice cubes
1 scoop protein powder

Combine all ingredients, blend until you reach desired consistency, and enjoy immediately.

For the night before...

Overnight Oats
½ cup unsweetened almond milk
½ cup Greek yogurt
⅓ cup rolled oats
1 tsp. chia seeds
½ tsp. cinnamon

Combine all ingredients in a glass jar, close, and refrigerate overnight or for at least three hours. Enjoy as is or top with fresh fruit.

Energy Bites
½ cup nut butter
¼ cup maple syrup
1 ¼ cup rolled oats
2 ½ Tbsp. flaxseed meal
2 Tbsp. chia seeds, pre-soaked
¼ cup dried fruit, chopped finely.

Combine all ingredients and mix well. If mixture is too dry add more peanut butter, and if too wet, add more oats. Chill mixture in the refrigerator for ten minutes, remove, and scoop out roughly 1 ½ Tbsp. amounts and roll into balls. Store in refrigerator for up to a week.

If you find yourself with a little extra time for breakfast, try our recipe for sweet potato breakfast bagels!

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