Hemp Extract Oil and CBD: Are These High Vibe Remedies Worth the Hype?

You’ve probably noticed hemp extract oil and the acronym CBD (which stands for cannabidiol) popping up everywhere. From the news to your store shelves, this ingredient is the talk of the town in the health and wellness space. And, just like anything new and trendy, it may leave you wondering what’s all the hype around this product. What is it … Read More

Brain Food: A New Frame of Mind for Your Diet

We often focus on how food impacts our bodies, but it also has a serious impact on our brain health. In order to help you make the healthiest choices possible, we are investigating brain healthy foods and lifestyle practices so you and your brain can be at their best. Inspired to eat better for your brain? Check out our picks … Read More

This Is the Powerful Dental Health Practice You’re Disregarding

You brush your teeth. You floss your teeth. You gargle your mouthwash religiously. You go to the dentist regularly. You turn down caramels and candies to avoid cavities (most of the time). And while these are foundational practices for healthy teeth, it’s time to dig into how your dental care and daily diet choices affect your oral health. Learn About … Read More

Why Raw Honey Should Be On Your Toast and Your Face

Honey has been used since ancient times for its delicious taste and healing, medicinal properties. Today, it is common to be drizzled in your tea or over your toast as a sweetener, but its power goes beyond an all-natural sugar rush. Honey can easily be added to your daily routine in healing ways, but it’s important to be selective about … Read More

Is the New Collagen Protein Craze the Real Deal?

For years now, protein as a supplement has been highly popular, especially among the workout-conscious seeking sculpted bodies and higher energy levels. It’s quick, easy and, as the science suggests, stimulates the body’s metabolism and fat-burning processes so that you get thinner and more muscular. These days, a new protein craze has arisen as one of the hottest post-workout trends. … Read More

10 Terra Health Tips to Help You Age Better

It’s as inevitable as death and taxes. We’re all getting older. It’s simply one of those inescapable processes that occurs gradually over time. As we mature, our cellular structure and processes gradually wear away and weaken, changing the way we appear on the outside and the way we feel on the inside. And our society is growing older than ever … Read More

Morning Drinks that Make Giving up Coffee Less Horrible Than It Sounds

Your alarm breaks into your consciousness. You tumble out of bed. As your feet hit the floor, your senses are instantly reaching for the sound of coffee brewing, the delicious aroma, the warm mug, the rich taste of your morning joe. While coffee has many health benefits, if you experience chronic stress or adrenal fatigue, you may want to consider … Read More

Adopt a Sustainable Lifestyle and Diet With Our Top Tips

Eating: Doing: At Terra, we believe in living, eating, and doing life with a sustainable, healthy intention for well-rounded wellness. We handpick and source every item in the store with your health and happiness in mind!