Rapid Rescue


Maximum Support For When You’re “Under The Weather”

Reach for Rapid Rescue® the moment you have that under the weather or “uh oh” feeling, or when you’re exposed and at risk. With its 9 SuperPure®, certified organic and extensively researched immune extracts, Rapid Rescue® protects you when you need it most and supports a strong, healthy recovery.




  • Immediate support for a healthy immune response
  • Healthy sinus, throat & respiratory well-being
  • Across-the-board protection for a strong, healthy recovery
  • Optimal defense during stress, travel & seasonal changes
  • A safe, powerful option to support your acute immune system






Maintaining your healthy immune system function and optimal health is no easy task, especially when meeting the demands of today’s fast-paced lifestyles. We’re faced with exposure to bugs & viruses, lack of sleep, worry, stress, environmental challenges, travel, and anything that weakens our body’s natural defenses. The goal for all of us is to stay healthy. Most of us simply don’t have time to be taken down, plus we all know how yucky it feels.  Rapid Rescue® delivers concentrated, organic support by addressing the underlying factors that are affecting your healthy immune function and optimal well-being.

Designed to deeply and quickly support your healthy immune defenses when taken as suggested over 7 days, Rapid Rescue® is definitely one you should never be without.


We believe potency should be more than a guessing game. Which means each and every one of our SuperPure® extracts in Rapid Rescue® is fully “standardized.”  Standardization is a guarantee of potency.  We go the extra mile to concentrate and quantify the most important compounds within these herbs—the ones that really matter when it comes to your immune health.

  • Polyphenols 85 mg (from Echinacea & Elderberry)
  • Cichoric Acid 15 mg (from Echinacea)
  • Anthocyanins 55 mg (from Elderberry)
  • Andrographolides 30 mg (from Andrographis)
  • Oleuropein 18 mg (from Olive)
  • Carvacrol 5 mg (from Oregano)
  • Gingerols & Shogaols 1.5 mg (from Ginger)
  • Quercetin, Apigenin, Chyrsin 3 mg (from Propolis)
  • Methylglyoxal 400 MGO, 50mg (from Manuka Honey)
  • Umckalin 27.5 mcg (from Pelargonium)