Shen Blossom Rice Sprouts


Did you know that rice can boost your immune system, level your blood sugar, and support hormones, muscle growth, and longevity?

Despite its unassuming role in your dishes and its plain taste, this ancient source of nutrition actually provides your body with powerful essential elements like Ubiquinone Ubiquinol (CoQ10), Vitamin E, and B-Vitamin Complex.

To optimize their Rice Sprouts for absorption and digestion, Shen Blossom activates them to their peak potential before processing them into a powder by hand. This powder is so potent that two tablespoons of Shen Blossom Rice Sprouts is equivalent to approximately 20 pounds of rice nutrition.

Add this powder to your water, smoothies, oatmeal after it has cooled, or just enjoy it straight from the bag!


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