Vital Leaf Rose Oil


Pain? Anxiety? Give it a try.

This has revitalizing qualities that may help alleviate symptoms like chronic pain, insomnia, inflammation, tension, headaches, depression and anxiety.

500mg. 2oz bottle.

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These Rose Cardamom Vanilla Elixir Drops are formulated using high-potency, phyto-rich, full-spectrum extract. They’re a delicious blend of organic coconut derived MCT (Medium Chain Triglyceride) Oil and full-spectrum extract, enhanced with a sweet hint of the ancient Chinese medicinal herb, Lo Han Guo, otherwise known as Monkfruit, and pure organic extracts of rose, cardamom, and vanilla bean.

Vital Leaf Rose Cardamom Vanilla Elixir Drops are a smooth, decadent, and convenient way to revitalize your day!

A dropper full contains 10mg dose. While it’s simply delicious when taken directly, this particular formula blends wonderfully in warmly spiced drinks, such as chai and golden milk. It’s creamy vanilla flavor makes it the perfect infusion for smoothies, coffee, and tea lattes.